How It Works

Each class meets once per week in an online conference session. Classes are a mixture of lecture and discussion, and students participate by speaking with a microphone and typing into a chat box.

Throughout the year, students sign in regularly to the Bandusia Tutorials Student Access site, which contains each course’s syllabus, year-long assignment schedule, online readings, weekly assignment instructions, and student forums. Students submit homework by email, and the tutor returns it with comments and a grade.

The tutor is always available to answer questions by email or to meet one-on-one with a student.

Read the Bandusia Tutorials Policies and Expectations.

Online Class Meetings: What You Need to Participate

Participating in online class meetings is simple. Here’s what you will need:

  • High-speed Internet.
  • Conference software called Skype. You can download Skype for free here and follow the instructions provided to install it. The instructions will ask you to choose a username. Once you have Skype set up, all you need to do is email the tutor your username and sign on to Skype when it’s time for class. The tutor will invite you to a conference call, and you will click on the green phone icon to accept.
  • A microphone and speakers. Laptops often have a built-in microphone, but if yours doesn’t or if you are using a desktop computer, headsets work well for class. (We do not use video, so you will not need a webcam.)

Before the first week of classes, there will be an orientation meeting, which will include overviews of Skype and the student access site and the opportunity for you to test your microphone.