Note: Elena Valle is happy to put you in contact with parents of former students.


I would highly recommend [Expository Writing]. Elena’s attention to each individual student’s efforts is of immeasurable value. The class is rigorous and thorough, but the results are very gratifying. It is better than many introductory college expository writing classes, and will prepare your child well for the ability to write concisely and coherently in college and beyond.

–Mark A., Expository Writing parent


Expository Writing is a great class. Mrs. Valle is an excellent teacher. She is always kind no matter what quality of work you turn in or how polite you are doing class. She has a clear and comprehensive plan for the year and each of your assignments. She gives very helpful comments and useful suggestions on your papers. She communicates very well to you so you always know what you are required to do and when you have to do it. She is a very smart teacher. I have learned so much this school year about papers that I can easily find ways to improve my older papers. I highly recommend this class to all homeschoolers, especially those who tend to have wordy and lengthy essays.

–Matthew Lang, Expository Writing student


When my mom first signed me up for [Greek and Roman Literature], I wasn’t very thrilled. It didn’t seem like something I was interested in at all. But being taught by someone who is so excited about what she is teaching made all the difference. Miss Valle made the classes interesting, and I learned so much about history, literature and writing papers. I highly recommend her courses!

–K. James, Greek and Roman Literature and 19th-Century British Literature student


[Expository Writing] is a great class. I learned many new ideas on how to write. I would recommend it to anyone. Elena has a great teaching style.

–Austin, Expository Writing student


I have known Elena for ten years, first meeting her as a young teenager. When Elena was fourteen, she opened her own dance school for her fellow homeschooled children. After dragging my children, all boys, to their first dance lessons, her warm and gentle way of motivating them earned their lasting devotion. My children were delighted when she began to offer writing classes for homeschooled children during her summer breaks from college. I was also thrilled because I knew that my children would happily do for her what they would not do for me. My children’s writing skills have improved, and they have been willing to spend hours every day to complete the work she has assigned to them. They marvel that she is able to quietly and respectfully point to areas where other students need to improve, but do not notice she is doing the same to them. Not only does Elena have an effective and gracious teaching style, she is also organized and efficient. I cannot recommend her too strongly.

–Anne, homeschooling parent


Expository Writing was a good class that helped give me a solid foundation in writing. The exercises at the beginning of the year were great for laying down some of the basics that would be used later on in the course when writing the larger papers. I would recommend this class to anyone who is interested in acquiring a solid foundation in writing.

–Expository Writing student


Elena Valle is not only a stunning writer but a gifted and caring teacher. Elena has broad and extensive experience as a writer and editor; she is perceptive, encouraging, insightful. She’s extraordinarily knowledgeable about literature and the creative process. I highly recommend her as a teacher.

–Heather Sellers, Professor of English, Hope College