The Fountain of Bandusia on Horace’s Sabine Farm


Welcome to Bandusia Tutorials!

Bandusia Tutorials is an online tutorial service that has provided homeschoolers with rigorous writing and literature courses for seven years. The classes take place in online conference sessions, and students receive feedback from the tutor on weekly homework assignments.

Please explore the site to learn more about the classes and the tutor, Elena Valle, a former homeschooler herself.



2015-2016 School Year: Asynchronous Expository Writing

Asynchronous Expository Writing is now FULL for 2015-16. Contact Elena if you would like to be added to a wait list.

I do plan to offer the live group class version of Expository Writing again in the future, but, since we are hoping to relocate across time zones again in the next year, it is impossible for me to schedule such a class at this point.


Why the name “Bandusia”?

Bandusia Tutorials is named after the Fountain of Bandusia, which the poet Horace wrote about in the first century B.C. This fountain is a small waterfall on the ancient grounds of Horace’s Sabine farm, near the village of Licenza, Italy. Horace wrote in one of his poems that the Fountain of Bandusia would become famous because of his words–and it did: two thousand years later, people all over the world are still transported to those waters through his poetry. And if you happen to be in Rome and are looking for a literary adventure, you can find your way through the Italian countryside to the ruins of Horace’s home and the Fountain of Bandusia itself.